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CRE-3K™ contains one of the highest grades of creatine monohydrate in existence; a scientifically-precise ultra-pure form of creatine monohydrate made exclusively in Germany. Give your body the tools to succeed - take CRE-3K™ today!*
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The human brain is the most powerful “central processing unit (CPU)” in existence. E2^2 provides energy support, allowing you to tackle life’s daily tasks and training regimens with vigor.* E2^2 contains all natural colors, flavors and sweeteners.
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GO-2™ is fully-loaded with a vitamin B-complex blend, L-taurine, and a synergistic combination of caffeine and L-theanine. Additionally, GO-2™ contains ALL-NATURAL colors, flavors and sweeteners with no added sugar!
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Joint pain and inflammation isn't only annoying, it can be debilitating. Understanding the need for effective relief, we encased two of the most potent and respected joint-health ingredients into specialized DRcaps™ Capsules.
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MET-4 was formulated to support an increase in metabolic expenditure using a combination of Greenselect® Phytosome®; a highly bioavailable green tea extract, and Fucoxanthin; an extract from the Kombu plant.
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MI-6’s all-in-one blend includes premium proteins, organic carbohydrate sources, prebiotics to assist gut health, and taurine to support cardiovascular / nervous system health. Be good to your body; give it MI-6!
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Formulated as a specialized crossover blend, MI-X can be used as a nutrient-dense meal supplement, as a post-training recovery shake, or doubled-up as a lean-mass builder.* Give your body the high-quality nutrition it needs to run at peak efficiency!
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Our commitment to health is evident through our use of organic whole oat powder, ultra-filtered whey protein, and prebiotics for gut health. Oats & Whey also contains natural flavors and sweeteners with no added color.
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REC-4 was built for recovery; providing an ideal combination of fast-digesting protein, glycogen replenishing carbohydrates, L-taurine and an electrolyte boost that embarrasses the most common "sports" drinks!
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The Dietetic Advantage branded BlenderBottle® SportMixer's feature-rich design makes it the perfect hydration companion, while the Blender Ball® wire whisk quickly mixes even the thickest energy and nutrition shakes with ease.