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About Us

NUTRI-BODIES is a locally owned and operated brick-and-mortar storefront located in Dubuque, Iowa. NUTRI-BODIES was established in 1999 and serves thousands of local walk-in customers as well as online customers nationwide. As a 18-year leader in nutraceutical distribution and sales, we are focused on providing quality products to our clients.

Educating our clients about making informed, quality supplement choices has been our priority since day one. With over 4,800 biomedical journals, a 22+ million citations database available to us daily, we provide you with the best supplement choices available. This has always been and will continue to be our commitment to you.

The supplement industry can be very hard to navigate, and trying to filter the hype from the science is a daunting challenge. At NUTRI-BODIES, we filter the products to find the best available and constantly research new ingredients to help you make more informed decisions. We do respect your right to choose, and we thank you for considering NUTRI-BODIES as your supplement provider.

Thanks to everyone who has supported NUTRI-BODIES since 1999; our success is made possible by you.